Maintenance Announcement

Edit: No, there will not be maintenance this weekend. See second post in this thread for explanation. Whoops.

  1. There will be maintenance at some point this weekend. Historical sensor data will be temporarily unavailable. Technically, the reason is that I have over 4 billion records (beestat syncs data for over 50,000 sensors!) in the sensor runtime table and in three days I will hit the 32-bit integer limit. I need to move billions of records into a new table that supports many more rows. This is a few hours of actual work for me, but likely days to repopulate the historical data. There should not be much if any actual downtime, just missing data time.

  2. Beestat has been pretty quiet for the past year. I’ve been doing weekly maintenance and responding (slowly) to emails. My policy is that I want to make sure beestat is working for people but I won’t force myself to work on it if it’s not interesting to me. That’s been changing lately, so while I won’t promise anything, I may be trying to get some new updates and features out in January.

Well I’m going to own this one and say that I completely panicked for no reason. While I am approaching the 32-bit integer limit, I already set this table up to go to the 64-bit integer limit so there is no reason to worry and no reason to do any maintenance.


There is another table that this will come due for, but I have some time to spare. I guess I can get to some of those emails this weekend instead. :slight_smile:

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