Mitsubishi-Ecobee Integration uses Stage 2 Heat instead of Aux for backup heat

The Ecobee Integration with Mitsubishi HyperHeat systems isn’t as straightforward as with other systems (like my Bosch IDS systems) (or at least not based on the way my HVAC company said they had to set it up). We have a Mitsu heat pump for primary heating & cooling, with the backup heat coming from our boiler going to our baseboard radiators (not heat strips in the Mitsu unit).

The Ecobee integration with the Mitsubishi controller isn’t setup with an Aux setting to call the boiler for heat if it gets too cold for the heat pump (like the other Bosch units in our house are)… Instead of Aux, the backup heat is setup as Stage 2 Heat. Mitsubishi doesn’t report “traditional” staging info for multi-stage heating/cooling back to the Ecobee, so Stage 1 Heat means it is the Compressor running (regardless of what stage is actually running in the compressor/fan), Stage 2 Heat means it is instead calling heat from the Boiler (what would be Aux in other setups).

So my question is: Is there a way to tell Beestat how to interpret the data from this one thermostat to show Stage 1 as the compressor and Stage 2 as our backup/Aux heat source?

For example, in the graph below, where it is showing Stage 2, that is where heat was being called from the boiler to the baseboard radiators, not from the heat pump condenser:

Heat 2 is Aux

There’s currently no way in beestat to change how a certain “signal” appears or is interpreted. Installation isn’t my strongest skills, but the ecobee is quite literally just shorting wires together in order to activate equipment.

With your current configuration, I would assume you have wires connected to Y1 (Heat 1) and Y2 (Heat 2). As far as ecobee and beestat are concerned, this configuration is a multi-stage heating system.

If you moved the Y2 wire to W1 and then re-run the installation wizard (and possibly do some other configuration to make it work the way you like) I would think that should work fine.

Thanks for the answer Jon!
For context, this isn’t a situation where the wiring can be changed… The wiring is what it needs to be for the Ecobee to talk to the Mits controller correctly and coordinate primary vs backup heating correctly. On our other two Bosch units, we have what you’re talking about and the Ecobee makes the decisions about “Heat” mode vs “Aux” mode, but the Mitsubishi controller works differently. I was hoping there might be a way to address this with mapping the data in the analytics. In a past life, I used to do a little ETL work moving data between multiple apps & databases for processing and analysis… When we’d run into situations like this, we could just remap that particular source data during extraction and tell it to map to a different column in the analytics DB.

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Understood. It’s definitely possible to do a remapping, but as things are designed today I just take ecobee’s data and exactly translate it into beestat. If things are wrong, I generally rely on the user being able to reconfigure the ecobee so that the source data is good.

I can consider this a feature request, though. Definitely not opposed it just comes down to the time investment.

Thanks Jon, I kinda figured it would be wishful thinking, but I didn’t want to assume it wasn’t possible without asking first. Thanks for considering remapping as a possible future enhancement… I realize you have to weigh this against other feature requests too, but thanks for keeping it in mind if it winds up being something you can work on in tandem with other improvements.