Mobile app chart lag

Ap seem to lock shortly after loading on Android device. Briefly get slider bar then lock. Desktop version works, deleted and reinstalled, no change. Started about a week ago thought it was my phone. Tried desktop view on phone same response locks on slider use.

Are you able to do anything at all in the app before it locks up? What phone do you have?

Yes I can scroll the slider bar in the graph a short distance before a freeze, just now demonstrated that I have this issue when maximizing the days in the chart. I have six sensors so I feel like the amount of data is a factor. Motorola edge 2023

I’m having this same problem on my Samsung Galaxy S24 running One UI 6.1. I’ve cleared storage/cache and uninstalled/reinstalled. When I open the app, I can scroll up and down but can’t tap anything without it freezing. It sometimes eventually becomes unfrozen to the point where I can scroll, but tapping does nothing. Also, if I navigate away from the app and come back, the screen goes grey and never goes back to normal until I close the app.

I hope this can get fixed quickly. Thanks.

It’s the same here with a Pixel 8. Scrolling on the main screen works, but trying to move to another screen shows that the screen is selected (the icon changes to white), but the home screen icon also stays white. This results in no change other than the white selection.

This is also happening to me on the web version.

There may be some confusion of issues here. There was a problem today (fixed now) where trying to open the analyze page would break the entire application. I believe @JimsEcobe is having a different issue related to dragging across a chart to view the tooltip data.

I was able to duplicate this in the beestat Android app on my own device. It doesn’t do it when accessing beestat directly from the device browser.