No Outdoor or Indoor Temperature on Sensors Graphs

It appears that on the Sensors page there should be both Outdoor and I assume a composite or average Indoor temperature based on the graph legend, however, I am not seeing any Outdoor or Indoor temperature curves listed on the graph. It may be due to an auto scaling issue??

It may also be useful to have an option to turn off the the Outdoor temperature graph if the outdoor temperature is too different than the Sensors as to not cause an auto scale compression.

If you haven’t, you need to click on the words in the legend to get it to draw the outdoor (or indoor) graph.

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Bingo, feature I did not realize was available.


There’s also a request to plot the outdoor temperature on a secondary y-axis to prevent it from squishing everything when it is shown.

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Plotting the Outdoor Temp on a different axis would be helpful or have a different scale on the right of the graph for the Outdoor temp might be an option.

Great work, still working on figuring this all out and tweaking the thermostat and airflow settings in the house.