No Temp Profile

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I had temp profiles before I switched out the thermostat on 1/9/23 and I have yet to get profiles to populate.

Is this something I can fix on my end or is this a backend data issue?

Is your old thermostat still connected to your ecobee account? If so, the fact that it’s there and reporting no data makes beestat think it’s another thermostat in the same zone. The constant unknown state interferes with the profiling.

If you like I can copy forward all of the old data. Just send me the old and new thermostat serial numbers. Then you can delete the old thermostat from your account without worry.

Sorry, just saw your reply, no Sir, I deleted the old thermostat from the account when I installed the new one on 1/9/23.

I would appreciate anything you could do to fix the issue as I’m trying to determine if the HVAC and insulation performance is working as expected on this home.

Sending you Thermostat data via PM.