Option to Select/Freeze/Pin a selection of Hover Details

I love the hover details and how they update wherever my cursor is on the graph… It would also be nice if I had the option to somehow click a point to freeze/lock/pin at a particular point in time while I may move my cursor away.

e.g. I may be trying to look at a particular point in time, but need to move my mouse to go select another app. Right now, I have to do this little dance of very slowly & carefully try to slide my cursor up or down while holding the time I need until my cursor is off the chart and then I can move my mouse without affecting the chart. My other option is to hover my cursor where I want it, then Cmd+Tab to switch to a different app entirely.

It would be nice if I could click to pin the hover details and move my mouse around without losing that point in time. This feature would also need an ability to “unpin” and go back to normal dynamic hover.


Great idea! Doable for sure. Example for my reference: Highcharts Demo - JSFiddle - Code Playground