Performance metric

How about a metric to measure house performance? (Not heating or cooling performance)

I was thinking slope of the temperature profile line for resist delta. I see I can click on the “More info” tab to get this. Could it be added to the “Compare” section to see how it stacks up?

(Mine is slope of 0.0184 for resist delta.)

Lower slope = lower heat flux = better house performance.

I posted another topic for folks to share their temperature profile graphs, but it is harder to evaluate with everyone having different scales.

Also, the Runtime Per Degree Day is not a good comparison tool for my system. I have a variable speed compressor and fan and my system usually runs for long periods of time at 10-20% capacity. I wonder if there is a better metric for measuring cooling performance. This data may not be available from ecobee, but energy usage per square foot per degree or something along those lines would be better.

No interest? Should be an easy addition.

Mostly just no time. :man_shrugging:

I do read things and try to keep them categorized so when I work on new features I can grab things that people want to see, though.