Problem Switching Between Accounts

My family have two homes each with its own ecobee and beestat account. I am haaving difficulty getting the beestat app to change from one account to the other. The Ecobee and Beestat apps seem to share the login process in some way. Even if I log out on both ecobee and beestat apps, when I reopen beestat, the app sends me a 2FA code and reopens the old account. Even when I log into the other account on ecobee, when I reopen the beestag app, it opens to the old account. Eventually I can can get the beestat to switch accounts, but sometimes it take enough tries that I get a message that I’ve exceeded the number of allowed 2FA messages and have to wait. Any ideas?

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Hi Ric. I believe I have a fix for this in the works. It might be after Christmas but I’ll post here when it’s ready to go. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Great! Not a huge problem, just annoying.