Reduce Thermostat Detail delay from 1h

Can time delay that we can see our data be cut down to 10 or 15 min. Instead of an hour or more?

Do you mean the end of the Runtime Detail chart?

For example, it’s 9:30 right now in my time zone but the chart ends at 8:30.
If so, not really. Because of various internal processes on ecobee servers, historical data lags an hour behind. You’ll notice the same delay on the Home IQ charts.

The Thermostat and Sensor cards at the very top are much closer to real-time, typically only lagging a couple minutes behind. That data is fetched from a different source which contains less information so I it’s not practical to use it for historical data.

Yes that’s what I mean, the chart is an hour or more behind. The data is there, can’t you draw it from our thermostat every 10 or 15 minutes?

I see where you’re getting at, but unfortunately not. I get data from ecobee in two ways:

  1. Historical data. This always runs an hour behind and will likely never change. This is what I currently use to populate the Runtime Detail chart. I can specify a date range and get all of the data for that range.
  2. Live data. This data is “live” or usually only a couple minutes old. I cannot specify a date range as all it returns is the current state.

You might think that I could just request live data from ecobee every few minutes and use that to populate the chart, but that’s not very sustainable for a number of reasons:

  1. It doesn’t contain all of the same data points that historical data does; so the chart would be incomplete.
  2. Even if it did, it would be prohibitively expensive to run an API call every five minutes for all 11,000+ thermostats beestat monitors. That’s 132,000 API calls per hour. It would require multiple additional servers and ecobee would probably not appreciate the increased load.

I agree that it would be really nice for the charts to not lag so far behind. There’s really not a way I can think of to make that happen.

That said, if there’s some data in particular you’re looking to see from the last hour I could look into adding it through some other means. Today I have live data, historical data, and then there’s that hour between live and historical that is simply unaccounted for.


Ok, thanks. Good fast response.

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These days, I’m seeing only an 8-14 minute delay on all the Home IQ charts. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can get it that soon.