Resist slope to compare section

My crude understanding is that the resist slope is essentially how well your house resists temperature changes when the hvac is off. (your insulation value)

the lower the slope the better your house is insulated.

It would be nice to be able to compare your resist slopes with other homes to see if insulation should be a priority.

In addition to that in the “my home” section it would be nice to have stuff for insulation types such as:

Wall thickness -2x4 , 2x6 , 2x8 etc with insulation type, batts, foam etc.

attic insulation type foam, batts, loose fill etc.

These fields and values would be very useful for comparing which insulations are best when comparing how well your home resists temperature changes.

Interesting idea. How would you deal with older homes that have a mix of wall thickness and insulation types?

Are you saying that older homes might have some 2x4 and some 2x6 walls or mixed insulation? some walls in the house have 1 type of insulation and some walls have another type of insulation?

If so, I am not sure, I think those would be outliers. And I guess each home owner when inputting their data in the home type would have to use a best estimate.

In itself it is not required for the compare resist slope feature but maybe a future enhancement to compare your resist slope against other insulation types.

Could be. And I do concede that it may be an outlier. However, I have seen loose insulation over batts, and remodeling can result in a mix. And then there was my house, with NO insulation when I bought it and I’m in Wisconsin :frowning: