Run time graph

I found a bug with my installation where the ecobee controlling the fan during heating caused the fan to run for the same length of time as the heater plus 45 seconds. When I reverted to non-controlled, my fan only runs for 45s during a heating event.

Is it possible to build a runtime graph that shows what systems are running and for how long?

Edit: for some reason, it looks like your dashboard isnt reading the fan time, but repeating the heating time. I confirmed that the downloaded beestat data doesn’t match the ecobee version

Great app! Found you on r/ecobee

I wouldn’t call that a bug, specifically. If you allow your ecobee to control the fan then this is often a nice thing to have. If you have a variable speed fan then you would likely want your HVAC system in charge of it, though. :slight_smile:

That’s essentially what the Runtime Detail chart is. If you’re envisioning something else a quick mockup might help me understand what you’re going for.

If you allow your ecobee to control the fan then the fan runtime in beestat should be 100% accurate. However, if you disable that setting and allow your HVAC system to control the fan, then beestat can only guess when the fan is running. It’s a given that it’s running when the heat is active, so I’ll populate that and is what you’re seeing here.