Runtime Statistics

Hello, thank you for the awesome work on beestat! I love using this tool to try to optimize my house thermostat settings, while staying comfortable. I know this can be done by downloading the data as a CSV and doing some math on Excel, but I think it’d be really helpful if there was a chart, just X-Y table, or actual graph, that had the runtime hours that the heat/AC was on, and if possible, relate it to the outdoor (or indoor setpoint) temperature, for an entire day/week/month, etc.

Assuming that the weather doesn’t change. My goal is to look at beestat and quickly see that the furnace was on for 100 hours this week. I then go make a change in the thermostat. Run the furnace for another week. Go back to beestat and check the runtime, e.g. it was 120 hours this week, so the change that I made made the furnace run more.

Hi Maty!

This is actually possible on the Runtime Summary chart. Just use the dropdown on that chart to choose a custom range. The popup will let you group the data however you want.

More info here: Runtime Summary Help

As an example, here’s my runtime for the past 3 months grouped by week:

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