Scroll back in time on charts using lazy-load data pull

It would be really cool if the date range on the Sensor Detail chart (and on the other charts too) would have access to the full 3 months of data but still only show 7 days at a time. What I mean is, it would be really cool if you could just scroll-to-the-left / swipe-to-the-right in order to keep going back in time as far as the data collection contains data. When you first open the detail tab, it could still just pull 7 days of data, but as you swipe / scroll, it could pull another 7 days to allow you to scroll 7 more days back in time (14 days total), and then if you swipe / scroll some more then it would pull another 7 days (21 days total). Just have the details tab / page always default to load the most recent 7 days when you open it, so that the initial page load is still performant.