Set Point on Beestat Doesn't Match Ecobee - Why?

New to Ecboee and Beestat. Grateful for all the discussion and help here!

Question: Can anyone tell me why the set point temperature is reading 72.3 in Beestat while my actual Ecobee is set to 72?

I have no good answer except “That’s what ecobee has in their data”. If you’d like to confirm, you can go to Home IQ on the ecobee website and download your data. You should see that 72.3 in the setpoint. You can also download this data from beestat but if there’s any uncertainty about the data always start with the source.

Looking at the data points around that may shed some light on why it’s doing that.

Thanks, Jon. I’ll do that, then research accordingly.

The Ecobee was in fact setting it to 72.3 even when I selected 72. FWIW, here is what Ecobee support told me:

“Thank you for waiting. Looks like there was an error in the comfort setting readings. I have made an adjustment to the system. It will now start and stop based on the temperature you selected(72)”

I asked “Ok. Can you still tell me what the issue was?”

Reply: “It was simply an error in the way the comfort settings were reading.”

We’ll see if this actually fixes the issue.

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