Setting optimization suggestions

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Look at current thermostat settings and recommend changes to improve energy efficiency/comfort. Provide a “do this for me” button that requests write permissions to the thermostat.

Compressor Min Cycle Off Time >= 300 seconds.
Compressor Min Outdoor Temperature = 0°F for heat/cool compressor. Higher for cool-only
Aux Heat Max Outdoor Temperature <= 40°F (although should usually be lower)
Heat Differential Temperature >= 1.0°F
Heat Dissipation Time >= 30s
Cool Differential Temperature >= 1.0°F
Cool Dissipation Time >= 30s
Compressor Min On Time >= 5min
Compressor to Aux Temperature Delta >= 5°F
Aux Reverse Staging = On

ziebelje commented on Aug 31, 2018

Added alerts for Heat/Cool differential. Other settings are more about comfort and do not require alerts. Moving this out as the rest of the settings belong in a “setting optimizer” section.

ziebelje commented on Jan 2, 2020

This is sort of outside the scope of the project at this point. Beestat is more of a “here’s the data, you figure out what to do with it” type of application. I am providing some recommendations in guides outside of beestat but that’s about it. Keeping this open for now as an idea in case I would change my mind.