Show thermostats shared with you even when you're a home owner, too

Recently gained support for home members, those who only have thermostats shared with them (not a home owner). This is fantastic, thank you!

Now, as someone who is both a home owner and a member of other homes (I installed an ecobee for relatives and I’ve helped troubleshoot issues for them), it would be nice if I could use the power of beestat to guide my suggestions or spot potential problems, instead of being stuck with ecobee’s Home IQ interface for their system.

I’d imagine the Change Thermostat dialog could show thermostats you own at the top, and thermostats shared with you on a separate line below that (if one is both a home owner and home member).

I realize this could potentially be a significant additional load for beestat to deal with. Perhaps try the API call on the server side to see how many additional thermostats this would pull in?