Small time gaps in Detail graphs

I’ve been using Beestat for the last 2 weeks and love it however since last night, small 5-20 min gaps started showing up on my graphs. With the crazy weather in Texas I have been studying this for the last week and never noticed this prior to last night. Is there something i can do to solve this?

Have you noticed any odd behavior like the stat restarting during a call for heat? It might not be a software problem at all. So far I’ve seen similar behavior from furnaces that hit a high temp limit cut power to the stat and caused it to restart. It would happen during longer calls for heat.

It appears random, i cant seem to notice a pattern. Below are a few examples of times that it did or did not go out. I should point out, the Ecobee loses app connection all the time due to it not liking my wifi but up until last night, beestat was always fully intact.

I see a 10 min gap during a short calls for heat (32min)
15 min gap when no call is happening and system is fully idle.
2 hour heat calls that are fully intact with no issues at all

Do you see the same gaps in the Home IQ charts? If so, your ecobee is not reporting all the data (usually do to WiFi or local power issues).

If Home IQ does not show the same gaps, then there’s usually some problem were the data ecobee reported to me was incomplete.