SOLVED Beestat morse code - intermittent reporting data

I’ll preface by saying this was not a beestat issue but ecobee. Issue started at ~1400hrs yesterday.

Thought I was having wifi issues, but pinging the tstat with pingplotter for a number of hours shows no outages. Reached out to ecobee to report the issue. They seem to be braindead over there telling me to try a different browser, clear cookies, etc.

Then Ecobee support kept telling me the unit was rebooting, thus the loss of reporting data.

If it was powered off, two things would NOT be happening.

  1. pinging the tstat ip would fail, it didn’t.
  2. heat would not be turning on when in fact it was.

Eventually they wanted the unit rebooted. Powered it back on after a few min of off time. Below is the ping plotter results, before/after (thick red bar). Problem solved!

One thing is obvious, the ping times went down significantly. Also no more missing report data. My guess is either a firmware update got pushed or they changed something on the backend causing high resource usage on the tstat, resulting in dropped data points.

tl;dr When issues arise, reboot first.

I guess this begs the question, how often should these units be rebooted?

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