Stage 2 cooling at same rate as Stage 1?

We just a got a new Lennox 2-stage air conditioner in February. After several months of operation, it appears that Stage 1 and Stage 2 cool at the same rate. Does that seem right? Shouldn’t Stage 2 cool faster? I’m wondering if this thing’s installed right. A screen capture of the data from beestat is below showing Stage 1 and Stage 2 on almost identical plots for cooling rate. I have Ecobee set to cool at Stage 1 for minimum 15 minutes - and then to move to Stage 2 if necessary. But when Stage 2 supposedly starts, I don’t hear a noticeable difference in fan speed. But Ecobee and Beestat tell me Stage 2 is running. Help! Do I need to get a commissioning agent out here to check the installation?

Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 2.09.22 PM

Check the furnace control board settings. Sometimes you have to cut a link to enable the thermostat to control the staging. By default, both of my systems used built in staging. Heating is usually separated, but cooling seems to default to furnace control

That’s better than mine. For some unknown reason stage 1 cools at 2.7F/h while stage 2 only achieves 1.1F/h over 105F.