Startup & Comparison

I know I recently read that Ecobee was only updating every 5 mins. Previously, on beestat app startup, it would pull the most recent or current data. Now it shows the last Beestat poll info until it grabs the latest 5 min data. Kind of a pain to start the app & have to wait 5 mins to get data.

In Comparison page, I have 2 thermostats - 1 Primary & 1 where I am a Guest. They are in 2 different geographic regions. When looking at the Guest thermostat, it shows as being in the Primary’s geo region. I also see that it shows my Primary’s Floor Plan. By chance, I clicked add new plan and noticed that it appears that you do not pull address info for the Guest thermostat. Probably because it is under a different account and you just pull Address from the Primary account. I realize that my use is a bit out of the norm & just want you to be aware.

Thanks! I had someone else mention this as well so I’ll take a look.

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Some further details. I noticed that that the Thermostat Details panel and the Sensor Details panel do update right away. But, the System and Sensor panels are delayed for 5 mins.

Judging by the syncing "circles, it appears that you have two different data polls as it seems to take longer on one of the polls. The short duration poll does not update the system & sensor panels. Perhaps, you can force the long duration poll at app startup?