Stuck Syncing

When I launched beestat this morning, I noticed it was stuck syncing in an endless loop. Tried accessing both from browser (Safari) and via app. It showed the last sync was 4 days ago, 1/11.

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I am seeing the same for one of my two thermostats.

For me, the Home IQ section on the ecobee site is not working for either thermostat; so I wonder if this is an ecobee problem…

Ah, interesting. Yeah, that could be it. I’m also unable to access Home IQ. However, I don’t see any outages / issues reported on

FWIW, I sent a report to

If anyone is having an issue please send an email to with your thermostat serial number. I will review tonight. Beestat has seen a significant increase in active users over the past couple days which has affected performance a bit. I made some upgrades earlier today which may help.

The beestat app looks to be behaving for me now across my three Ecobee thermostats.

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