Support for Airthings Radon Report

Part of the home eco-sphere for us is Airthings radon monitoring. While this may fall out of the scope of BeeStat it does work hand in hand with HVAC systems. The more the air moves in a house the more radon can be distributed and or reduced. I constantly find myself comparing the charts on AirThings with Beestat to see how various comfort profiles have affected air quality.

Background: Airthings measures air quality, radon levels, temperature, and humidity in a space to measure the effectiveness of your HVAC system and radon mitigation systems. We had radon mitigation installed when our new house was reading out at over 1,300bqm a hour the recommended rate by the federal government is 200.

Request: Support a tile for the importing of reports from Airthings so users can use BeeStat as an all in one hub. Airthings has a API that supports this.