Support for electricity/fuel pricing, run cost, etc

What would be a great feature would be how much is your choices costing. If you change settings what is the cost difference? Best already tells you how long your ac or heat was running. Just add in your cost of electricity or gas. And provide the different times of your cost. Like summer time there is a different cost on high demands for electricity. Just put your cost in and it would calculate how much for that day or month. When you change settings it would help to see if you made a good choice or not.

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Thanks for the idea! The tricky part of this is identifying how much power your equipment actually uses. I have runtime, and could collect electricity cost, but it’s all ultimately worthless unless I know how much power your equipment uses. This varies a lot and can even change depending on things like how dirty your air filter is.

I own a Sense, and the neat thing is that it’s actually able to do all this pretty effectively. The best beestat could do is guess…which has some value I suppose. I think a better route might be showing trends and highlighting when your equipment runs during peak hours so you can try to minimize that.

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Would there be a way to add info for equipment so we could see how much energy we are using without multiplying runtimes in a spreadsheet?

Possibly. Would you be able to share a bit more detail about what you’re trying to do? Any spreadsheets or graphs you’ve created will help me understand what you’re trying to achieve.

I suppose if you have a heat pump and know that it uses x kWh in Stage 1 and y kWh in Stage 2, you could input that to Beestat.

Beestat would be able to tell you how many kWh were used for each time it cycled on, and also sum up the kWh used for day/week/month/year in the history.

If you went deeper and allowed configuration of an electricity tariff rate, you could show how much that cost, too! Though this gets complex, fast… peak and offpeak time of use tariffs etc etc.

I think trying to get cost with tariffs out of something like this is a tall ask and a bit of a rabbit hole. If you wanted to get approximate power consumption for a day that might be more reasonable.

Right now I’m tracking degree days for a heating system and graphing the total number of BTUs required per day then dividing it by the difference in average inside and outside temperatures. Then I graph the BTUs per degree delta per day so I can see any trends as changes are made. This is good for sizing equipment and seeing improvements with air sealing/ insulation upgrades.

So far I’ve just made a form for furnaces/electric heat as they’re the easiest but it would require a better form if you wanted to start graphing stuff like AC and heat pumps where outside temperature affects condenser performance.

Here’s an example of what I am doing right now for sizing a furnace and monitoring changes as I air seal and insulate a house.

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It would be cool to see an estimated fuel consumption over a period of time by providing my furnaces consumption rate. As someone who has to order oil every so often, this would be helpful.

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I would like to see an option for Heat Pump run percentages for each stage of the heat pump.

I have 2 properties. One has a Heat Pump with electric Auxiliary Heat. One property has multiple Heat Pumps with Propane Auxiliary Heat.

Since I configure the change over temperature threshold for when the Heat Pump switches to Auxiliary Heat it would be useful to know what percentage during a month or chosen window State 1 vs State 2 (Auxiliary) heat was running. Also the total number of run time hours for each would be useful as this can be used for energy consumption calculations and so forth. It could help me estimate my Propane useage without being on the property so I could call for a refill.

Another stat that would be useful to calculate/tabulate run time for the systems. For example, I run my HVAC fans 95% of the time for recirculation and filtering. It would be nice to have a cumulative and a run time counter and possibly threshold alarm for filter replacement based on run hours.

It would also be helpful to have a cumulative as well as a run time counter for AC, Heat Pump and each stage of heating or cooling. Again to plan for maintenance, repair or replacement and to also compare overall seasonal system run times.

Most of what you’re looking for is (more-or-less) already in beestat.

The Thermosat Summary chart can be grouped by day, week, month, or year. I’m not showing percentages, but you can get total runtime and calculate percentages pretty easily:

Fan runtime will come to this chart eventually, but until then you can use the filter info (three dots on the Thermostat card on the main page > Filter Info)

If you’re technically proficient you could pretty easily connect to the beestat API and build something custom that takes all this data and does a few calculations for you to save a bit of time.