Sync stopped working

I can see the live data but all the graphs are stuck on Syncing.

Same problem on all devices and have logged out and back in. Also have tried on mobile data and wifi.

Thanks for the report! I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately and haven’t had a time to sit down and look at this until now.

I know what the issue is and am looking for any possible quick solution. I’ll update this thread as I know more.

Update: This issue is being caused because a database table ran out of numbers. Basically, there’s a table with nearly 2 BILLION records in it. In that table I store a pointer to another table. In an effort to conserve disk space and keep costs down, that pointer was stored with only 2 bytes, meaning the biggest number is around 65,000. The smaller table hit this limit and now syncing is breaking for certain users who are trying to insert new records into this table.

The good news is that I know what the issues is. The bad news is that it’s going to take a few days to fix. In order to correct the larger table, I have to completely duplicate it into a brand new table. It’s closing in on 100GB in size, and the actual rebuild of the data takes much longer than a standard disk copy.

I currently have the rebuild in progress; estimated time to completion is 1.7 days. This may slow down beestat a bit while it runs, and then I’ll need to have some brief downtime to cutover.

For anyone not having issues, you can continue to use beestat with that in mind. If you are having issues, I should have you back up and running by next Monday at the latest.

Apologies for the issue. This was unexpected and I didn’t have time to investigate earlier this week.


About a third of a way there! Currently working through August 2020.


Really great support and communication - I know how much effort this takes and it is appreciated.


This issue should now be resolved. Thanks everyone for your patience!

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Thanks Jon!

Working great again.

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