Temp Profile year-over-year comparisons

Would it be possible to provide year-over-year comparisons on the temperature profile graphs? I’m envisioning a way to choose two different one-year timeframes and displaying all profiles for each year overlaid on the same graph (maybe dashed lines instead of solid for the ‘other’ year). Doing so would be a great way to see how a system is performing over time and could help detect drops in efficiency.

I’ve tried changing the ‘custom start date’ in settings but can’t tell any difference. On a side note, now that I’ve set that date once, I can’t clear it.

This is coming! A few months ago I started storing the profiles for each user - one every week. This will allow me to build a feature that lets you see how they change over time. Not sure when this is going to happen but it is planned for.

What’s your thermostat serial number? I was able to set and clear mine…it should work but I can take a look. You can post it here or email to contact@beestat.io


Awesome. Happy this is coming. I was looking for a way to compare YoY as well. Much better than exporting the graphs every week :wink: