Temp Profiles kudos

New to the community and not sure if this is the right place but wanted to express my gratitude.

I’ve had an ecobee for several years, but only looked into and installed beestat this season, which is my loss tbh.

I replaced my worn out furnace with a 2 stage Bryant two years ago, downsizing it by 50% based on ecobee runtime data (huge win).

After installing beestat, I saw temp profiles for my furnace high/low outputs were consistently swapped. I didn’t believe it, ran my own analysis which came to the same conclusion. Yesterday, I got into the furnace and sure enough found the installer hadn’t changed any configs from defaults including the switch for 2-stage tstats. So for two years it was doing its own thing, and I was potentially missing out on ecobee energy optimization benefits.

Anyway, just wanna say keep up the good work. Powerful tool for homeowners, maximizing returns for folks investing in smart devices. I made a small donation to further express my gratitude. Thanks a lot!


Love hearing stories like this! Glad beestat has been useful for you. :slight_smile: