Temperature Profile not showing heat line

Hi there,

I’ve been using beestat for a year, but under Temperature profiles the chart does not show my heat line. The cool line and resist line show up fine. Is there a way to resolve this?


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Hi @geminijatt

I have a similar issue, on Monday my temperature profiles were updated and were no longer visable. I assumed this was because I added a new thermostat last week and it was causing trouble. However yesterday it updated again (oddly off cycle) and now includes a heat profile, it looks like it may not be looking back more than a week or so.

Is anyone else having trouble with temperature profiles?

Thank you!

Just following up here - got Mike taken care of via email and this bug fix:

@geminijatt I’ve got your issue on my list of things to investigate.

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Could you please PM me your thermostat serial number so I can look up your account? Thanks!

Thanks Jon, I’ve PM’d the information to you.

The issue with your data is that, while your heat is certainly running, it’s running in very short bursts (like 5 minutes at a time).

I can investigate the possibility of adding some configuration options that might help here, but the reality of the situation is that any profile that generates is going to be really noisy and inaccurate. Beestat requires each sample to be at least ten minutes…the first five minutes is thrown away to account for startup/air clearing out of vents/etc. Since your heat runs are so short most just get thrown out and there’s not enough data to build a profile from.

All you could do right now is tweak how your system runs so it runs longer (10-15m+) at a time, but fewer total runs. This will actually be more efficient for your system, but you’ll sacrifice comfort as you’ll have bigger temperature swings.

Thanks for looking into this Jon. I appreciate the recommendations. Cheers.