The beestat community is now the official communication channel

I have generally been active on Reddit, Twitter, Discord, Patreon, GitHub, and my email. I’ve found that I have far too many places to visit and that feedback and bug reports can get lost, duplicated, and more.

I know there’s a lot to be said for going where your users are at, but as the only developer on this project I need to focus all of my feedback and support channels. For now, that’s here. As for the other channels:

  • Reddit: I’ll still be around, but you may need to ping /u/ziebelje to bring me into a discussion.
  • Twitter: I was never terribly active here, but I will probably stop Tweeting.
  • Discord: For now this will remain for Patrons, but I will likely phase it out at some point.
  • Patreon: Nothing will change here, although I encourage Patrons to create a Discourse account and post here.
  • GitHub: I use this extensively, and will continue to do so. Bug reports there are still fine but I’ll be encouraging users to post bugs here instead. I will triage and create GitHub bugs as necessary.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in all this!