Thermostat Detail Chart not updating

My thermostat detail stopped working months ago. It just shows “No data to display”.

The sensor detail chart still works fine.

Thermostat serial number 911402656237.

Do you have a Smart Si? Not that it shouldn’t work, but just glancing at your account there’s a lot that looks out of place. I’ll take a closer look at the data ecobee is giving me tonight to see what’s up.

My thermostat is similar to the one pictured, but it is built by ecobee and branded as ClimateMaster. It is also no longer supported by ecobee as ClimateMaster has dissolved their relationship with ecobee. The replacement is a horrible design so I hope my ecobee built one lasts!

Also note the graph worked for a long time, then stopped a few months ago.

Some time around the end of May ecobee stopped sending beestat your outdoor weather data. I’m not sure what caused this, but beestat throws away data if the weather information is missing. There are a few reasons for this, the biggest being that doing this allows some other parts of beestat work much faster and easier than if I kept those rows.

If you log into Home IQ on the ecobee website (do you have access to that?), do you see outdoor weather data populated anywhere?


Ah. Yes, something happened and it doesn’t have my location so it won’t display outdoor temp. The ecobee website says I need to add the location on my thermostat, but for some reason it wouldn’t work there either. I’ll take a look again and see if I can get it working. Thanks for digging into it for me.



Just got it figured out. The ecobee app is a little cumbersome, but I had to create a new “Home” with my address and link the thermostat to it. I’m not sure how the old “Home” lost the location, but oh well. Thanks again for the help.


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Great! I made sure it synced all that missing data as well. Glad we got this one figured out. :slight_smile:

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