Thermostat Details not showing all heat off events

The Thermostat Details timeline is not showing all the heat turning off events. See the beestat chart below and compare it to the energy monitoring chart below it. The energy monitor chart is monitoring the power to the heat pump compressor. This is a one stage heat pump so it has no way to modulate the amount of heat. It just turns on or off to control temperature. Notice it is able to maintain the setpoint temperature and the actual temperatures are fluctuating so it does not appear to be missing data from the thermostat. It’s just not showing some of the off events. The heat off events are generally around 6 minutes long.

The below image shows a zoomed in view of some of the times when the heat pump was cycling off and on. In this one I have added the furnace power (green) that shows the circulation fans was cycling on and off at the same time as the heat pump compressor.

Without looking at the data I would guess the cycle off times are really short. Right now that chart is limited to showing data in 5 minute increments, so if it’s off for less than that it may appear to always be running.

If you want to PM me your thermostat serial number I can take a closer look to validate that assumption.

Looks like your heat pump is cycling 5 minutes on, 10 minutes off. Yikes!!

You may like to take a look at Jon’s guide on configuring a heat pump on your Ecobee to maximise efficiency and service life of the heat pump.

Changing your settings to require a longer cycle time will probably solve the display issue

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