Thermostat summary stuck on Fetching

Hi beestat Community,

I have a couple of Ecobee SmartSi thermostats that display the Thermostat Detail section but the bottom section that summarizes the data (ie runtime per day, week or month) is stuck on “Fetching”. I believe this section was called “Thermostat Summary” but it looks like it now says “Sensor Detail” (I can’t clearly make it out because the background is blurred). I’ve tried on multiple browsers, devices and ultimately tried de-authorizing and and re-authorizing my account & thermostats but still have had no luck in restoring the section.

I can see the data in on the Ecobee website as it populates under the Home IQ>>System Monitor>>Weather Impact tab. I reached out to Jon previously for help last autumn and he was able to clear the error, but I know he is very busy so I figured I’d ask for help here. If you have encountered this issue before, please share if you have any tips on how you were able to resolve it.

Thank you!

Apologies all, the Thermostat Summary section is now located under the Analyze menu (house icon with a magnifying glass) at the top. I can’t believe I’ve missed this for months :man_facepalming:

Hope this helps anyone else who was unable to locate it after the UI update.

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