Time stamp?

I am seeing different temps at the top of the dashboard (sensors) and the graphs.
The graph has a time along the bottom so I assume I have a good idea of when that temp WAS happening.

How current is the Sensor dashboard (realtime on refresh?)

There is a bug in this that I need to investigate. It can be out of date right now.

Ah, no worries.
Which section is the out of date? The top or the graph?

The top is sometimes showing stale data on first load.

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How often do you see this, and is there a pattern to it when you do? I was able to duplicate it once on my own account earlier this evening, but could not get it to happen more than the one time. Trying to figure out what might be happening.

I am thinking it is all the time (though to different levels)>
Right now I have 70.3 on the graph and 70.0 on the sensor display at the top>
I also have 72.7 and 72.5.

So not as far off as I was seeing the other day.

The graph shows a time stamp for when it pulled that temp. The sensors do not, so it might be different times.

I am sorry I am not more helpful on finding a pattern.

As another update.
As of this morning at 11:24 am
On the Sensors area at the top I see (after refreshes)
85.2- Sensor 1
75.4- Sensor 2

Then on graph (time stamp 11:10am)
89.0- Sensor 1
74.6- Sensor 2

As of this morning, the temps are looking sync’d.

Spoke too soon. Let me know if you need any other data.

And then of course, another refresh and they are matched.

Seems related to my thread. There seems to be two different polls from Beestat, a long & a short one. The short one often happens on startup and does not update the System & Sensor panels right away. But, the Thermostat & Sensor Details panels do. Thus, the Details panels show newer data than the System & Sensor panels. When the long poll runs (seems based on ecobee’s 5 min update), it updates all 4 panels.