Time to cool history

Maybe this is silly but I’ve had some…issues with my HVAC system over the years. The analysis tab is great to help understand a potential problem but I would love to see a graph of time to cool vs outside temperature. That would, in theory, help nail down a problem even if it’s something dumb like my filter needing replaced, lol. I could even work with an export of this data as I can always toss it into Excel and do the analysis there.

Oh, and as always I really appreciate your work on this project! It’s fantastic!!

I do actually have this history if you’d like it. Just send me (contact@beestat.io) your thermostat serial number and I can send you all of your historical profile data.

Hi there Jon,

Just found about Beestat today, and really enjoying this community talk and the concept behind this. Curious about your data, is it more based on Europe or North America?


Ecobee (and thus beestat) is very significantly in the US/Canada markets. I didn’t check any numbers, but I would guess, as far as beestat is concerned, >95% North America.

That’s great. Was just playing around with the demo, the csv file that’s available for download does not seem to have any sample data inside. Is it possible to see the data headers from the “Analyze” menu option. Want to see how it is compared to the HomeIq reports csv.


The download is the same regardless of which report you run, but here are the headers. They are very similar to what ecobee provides:

Compressor 1
Compressor 2
Compressor Mode
Auxiliary Heat 1
Auxiliary Heat 2
Accessory Type
System Mode
Indoor Temperature
Indoor Humidity
Outdoor Temperature
Outdoor Humidity
Setpoint Cool
Setpoint Heat
TVOC Concentration (ppb)
CO2 Concentration (ppm)
[your thermostat name] - Temperature
[your thermostat name] - Occupancy
[your sensor name] - Temperature
[your sensor name] - Occupancy

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