Time to cool only showing for one thermostat

Thanks for the incredible tool, Beestat is the bee’s knees!

I have two thermostats installed in my house, both are being used frequently but for some reason I’m only getting time to cool data on one of them. That by the way is SUCH an incredible stat to have - in terms of being able to track system issues.

BTW I would love to see an overall system health stat that takes into account some kind of normalized time to cool/time to heat stat (relative to environmental data - temperature, humidity, cloudiness,

Most likely your other thermostat does not have a cool profile (check on the Analyze page). The time to cool uses this data to figure out how long it should take to cool the home. I often see this in multi-zone systems where one mode does not run frequently in a zone. For example, a first floor zone might almost never run cooling in the summer, so there’s not much high quality data, which results in no profile being able to generate, which results in no “Time to Cool”.

Not a whole lot you can really do to combat this unfortunately. I’ve toyed with the idea of trying to generate lower quality profiles but haven’t had the time to try it.

As far as “System Health” - that’s something that likely won’t ever come to beestat…at least not in the way you’re thinking. I dislike anything that interprets performance as “good/bad” because that’s very subjective. I think there are a few feature requests, though, that suggest displaying more data related to system health, which the user could then use decide whether or not things are running well. Metrics kind of do that today, but don’t really look at the same category of things.

Thanks for the reply! I do see cool profiles on both thermostats - interestingly enough now I’m not seeing time to cool on either of them. But the cool profiles are there so I will just use that data to track things. Appreciate the incredible work you do sir!

The only other thing I can think of is that it only shows up when the AC is actually running. If that doesn’t seem like it feel free to send me your thermostat serial number and I can take a closer look.

That’s exactly what’s happening! 311028030279 and 319227316011

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Yep, that’s all it is then. You can access the same data on the temperature profiles so you can use that to calculate whatever you like. Let me know if you have other questions.