Time to heat/cool not showing, nor furnace running status

Since approximately the notice about “time to heat/cool” being available for Patreon patrons, I’m not seeing the time to heat/cool displayed, and in fact Beestat has stopped showing that my furnace is running at all.


My heating setback is 0.5 degrees, and my furnace is currently running. I can hear and feel it running, and the official Ecobee app shows this to be the case:

Since this has happened, it’s been too cold here for my heat pump to run, so I don’t know if that’s affected in the same way as the oil furnace (aux heat). I’ll probably find out later today.

It’s warmed up outside and Beestat is showing my heat pump running (with the time to heat shown). I never saw it show my furnace (aux heat) running.

After watching this for a few days, it’s definitely the case that my heat pump is shown as running (orange circle, ETA), but there is no indication that my aux heat is running (used to be a red circle).

Hypothesis: Since temperature profiles are not generated for aux heat, something in the new ETA code that needs the profiles is causing the running status of aux heat not to be displayed.

(Personally, I’d like to have a temperature profile for aux heat.)

Progress :wink:

I haven’t specifically done anything for this bug but I think I happened to fix it with some other stuff I was cleaning up.

Time to heat won’t show up for aux heat right now because there’s no aux heat profiles. I’m going to see about adding those because that’s one of the first things I wanted when I turned this on.

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