Time to heat reporting

During summer months I always found that “Time to cool” was pretty accurate. Now that I’m starting to run heat I feel like it struggles to calculate “Time to heat”. At first I thought because it was just starting to get heat data, but the more it collects the worse it seems to get. I’ve seen it report 23-24 hours and even had one that said Never!

Can you help me understand why it is having such difficulty calculating the time?

Can you post a screenshot of your Thermostat Summary and Temperature Profiles graphs?

Current home has been since July, so I think disregard data prior to that. And I’m not sure what all the aux data is. Previous home just used cool and heat as well, although it was gas heat, now it is heat pump.

You would benefit from either having me purge your old home’s data or else setting the “Custom Start Date” setting under the main menu > Settings.

Time to heat/cool uses the Temperature Profiles, so if this data is inaccurate then it’ll have a hard time.

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Ok thanks. I’d like to keep the old data because I’ve found it useful to go back to in comparing my usages in the old home and new.

So now with custom date, there isn’t enough data to generate the temperature profiles. I’ll have to wait a few more weeks for that.

But, to add to it, I just picked up a newer model Ecobee to install. Is that pretty much going to start me from square one as far as data goes? I plan to contact Ecobee to see if they can help me port all my settings and schedules over.

I can migrate your old data to the new thermostat in beestat. Just let me know the from and to thermostat serial numbers. You can email to contact@beestat.io.