Two separate lines for staged heat/cool

Would it be possible to graph first and second stage heat/cool separately from each other? Right now the curve for my heating score makes no sense because when it’s cold outside my first stage runs continuously followed by the second stage kicking occasionally or during the morning during smart recovery. This makes it look like my house heats faster as it gets colder outside and my heat has random peaks in it with higher rate of change as it gets colder outside. I would like to get an idea how much more the second stage kicks out for heat but graphing both stages on a single line doesn’t allow that. Thanks


It’s coming…eventually! Patrons should have access to this experimental feature right now. If you just want to check it out for a bit just pledge and then cancel before February and you won’t be charged.

Thanks this is really going to help me size my next furnace and AC unit. Seeing where stage two heat is going to cross the x axis is a huge help as the current furnace is oversized and doesn’t run continuously on stage 1 unless it’s -20 outside.

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