UI - Retain Graphing Choices

The beestat does a great job retaining / remembering the time period for each section that is graphed.

Enhancement request, please extend retaining chart sources that were last selected.

For example in the sensor detail section, I like to deselect the main thermostat in the hallway as it’s always too high and I like to include the indoor temp to show the ecobee average. I have to constantly make that change every time I visit or reload the web page.

BTW - thanks Jon for such a killer app with the ecobee!!!

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Make your graphs look how you want and then remember those settings when you return the next time.

ziebelje commented on Jul 26, 2019

This is going to happen inherently with #143

The sad thing is that this isn’t even that hard to do. :slight_smile: I’ll see if I can make this happen!