Understand sensors

I have no sensors installed, only the Tstat installed in the hallway.
If you look at the graph from my main screen, I see 2 different temperatures, what does it mean ?

Why the main floor shows 66.4F ? and what does this small blue arrow mean ?

This is the explanation from the help page, but it doesn’t really make sense because I only have one Tstat/Sensor.

If you see this again could you get a screenshot from the ecobee app or website as well?

What beestat is showing on the left is the thermostat main screen. This is the “calculated” temperature based on all your sensors, settings, etc.

The right side is the raw sensor reading with no adjustments. I suspect you may have a setting on that adjusts the temperature based on humidity or something. In that case the “calculated” temperature may be different than what your sensors read.

I am still seeing the same issue, have no idea what’s happening, I have the eco+ enabled for max savings, but I called the ecobee support, they advised me that this has no impact on my settings since I live in Canada, it’s only in the USA.

One other thing, I’ve started to notice, the heat is ON, but temp is dropping for few mins before compressor kicks back on (compressor outdoor unit fan is OFF!)


As far as this goes it could be cool air in the ducts blowing out, or if the compressor isn’t on it may have a lockout set on it unrelated to the ecobee.

I am still seeing a difference between the 2 temperatures, the thermostat and the sensor, I’ve checked all the Ecobee settings, nothing unusual, only thing I have eco+ enabled (which has 0 effect), but could this be messing with the sensor’s raw data ?

Hey Sam - Could you share the following next time you notice this:

  1. That same screenshot from beestat
  2. A screenshot from ecobee showing both the thermostat and sensor values

I’d like to see both together. I suspect beestat is going to match what ecobee shows, but would want to confirm that before speculating further why those values differ. Thanks!