Using beestat to adjust outside temp

We’ve had our Ecobee for a few years. Works great except for the two big transitions: fall-winter and winter-spring. Living in upstate NY, we have a whole house heat pump that auto switches to oil furnace aux at 35F degrees.

Our problem is a common one: the Ecobee’s outside temp from DarkSky or whomever can easily be off by 8 degrees, high or low.

How can beestat help me overcome this disparity? I apologize if this has been covered a million times in posts already. Just getting started here. Thanks!


Hi Tim! Unfortunately beestat can’t help as it only has the ability to read your thermostat data. Even if beestat could pull in data from other weather sources, it wouldn’t be able to control your thermostat.

I’ve seen other users have some success reaching out to ecobee to change their weather station but YMMV.