Visualize - Basement Issues


Great work on the visualization feature. I started building my floor plan and noticed two things:

  1. When identifying one floor as basement, during room creation in the basement, the upper floor (floor 1) doesn’t show to properly lineup the exterior walls. This feature works great between Floor 1 and Floor 2.

  2. Basement floor doesn’t allow to assign sensors to rooms that are in the basement. I have a Home Theater room and bedroom that have sensors.



This was intentional, but I can see how it might cause problems. Currently the floor plan editor only shows the floor directly under the one you are editing. If you build the basement first, then go up it will work, but building down doesn’t offer the same convenience. I’ll see what I can come up with to show other floors.

That I would be curious to see as I’m not aware of this issue. The basement isn’t any different than any other room technically speaking. Would you mind to share your thermostat serial number and I can take a look? You can post it here or email to

Went back to play with the basement. Deleted and readded a room and now I can select a sensor. This issue is no longer present.