What are the columns in the downloaded CSV file?

I just found beestat web app yesterday, was trying to download my data, which seems to work, and I get a CSV file, but there aren’t any column headers, and I haven’t been able to find anything that says what they are.
Does anyone have a link, or know the information off the top of their head?


That’s weird. Are you sure?

I just used the Download Data feature and got a CSV file with headers on it. I can’t think of anything that would cause those to not be present.

Huh, yeah my file doesn’t have headers, it also has 18,000 rows where everything is empty except the first column, but I just figured that it wasn’t able to pull the data for those rows. I used the Download Data menu time and the time range I used was All Time.

Looking at the code I can see this could happen if you try to download data for a time range but no data is actually returned. Could you send me your thermostat serial (either post here or PM) and I can take a closer look? Probably something simple.

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I PM’d it to you, thanks!


Turns out the headers were there, just way down in the file because you selected a time range where a huge chunk at the top had no data.


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