Wifi connection

I’ve had an ecobee thermostat for about 6 months. There have been a few times when my WIFI has gone down, usually ISP related due to storms, that once restored I’ve had to manually reconnect the ecobee. Unlike other devices in my home, the thermostat’s WIFI does not reconnect on it’s own when a signal is present.

It wasn’t until I logged on to BeeStat that I realized Ecobee was not online and had not been for 4 or 5 days. There is a gap of data during that period.

I looked for an alert of some kind that might advise me about WIFI no longer connected but don’t seem to be able to find anything along those lines.

Am I missing something here? Is it possible, short of looking at the thermostat every day, to receive a notice to check WIFI connection as it is no longer connected after a period of time?

I don’t think ecobee has a way to alert you of this, unfortunately. Seems like they might be able to pull that one off pretty easily if they wanted.

I could maybe do this in beestat. I’ve thought about notifications for a while but haven’t really touched them yet. This one in particular is tricky because for it to be useful you want to know as soon as possible. The problem is that once you leave beestat I slow down my API calls to ecobee for your thermostat to conserve resources and keep things running fast for others.