X-intercept in Temp Profile

For the temperature profiles, the More Info gives the slope and the x-intercept. It would be more useful to see the y-intercept. That is the temperature for which the system can no longer keep up based on the trendlines from the data.

The “More Info” gives you two values for each trendline: slope x and y-intercept b.

Using the line equation y = mx + b, you now have only x and y remaining. To find the outdoor temperature x where the system can no longer keep up with demand, simply set y to 0 and solve the equation (y - b) / m = x.

I understand that, but would be nice to have the value displayed outright. I’ve done the calculation and got the answer I was expecting. It’s just a more useful value to show than the one currently displayed.

Fair enough! :slight_smile: I modified the post title as that would technically be the “x-intercept”. I can certainly look into adding it.

You are correct that is the x-intercept. Thanks for looking into adding that.

When I got my new HVAC this year, I was curious as to where the trendline crossed the x-axis and watched it change as it acquired more data. I only recently discovered the More Info option, but had to do the calculation to get the number I wanted.


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Ooooo, Algebra. I thought there’d never be any use for it. Just kidding. I hadn’t really thought about the use for that until now. Thanks for providing the data. I’m good from -105 to 106!

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