You all see the announcement today?

They are introducing their own monitoring system that costs $7 a month but get this. You have to buy a $180 camera and $40 motion sensors. They can’t even give us a stable server to manage our thermostats. :joy:
They literally priced themselves out of a market they just entered :joy:

Also I feel this might be the end of the API being available. Looks like they are preparing for a closed ecosystem.

The only public comments from ecobee staff I have seen indicate that they have no intention on closing the API, so that’s all I can go on. I would love if they expanded the existing API…nothing much seems to happen to it. The last update was in May 2019, although I think they make various updates to the actual documentation that are not listed here which is promising.

Ecobee is following a clear path down a whole-home ecosystem…and a big reason to close off API access is to force you into that ecosystem 100%. Google did this…I hope ecobee doesn’t.

I used to have access to the Beetsat site, now it doesn’t work and hangs on the authorization page on the Ecobee side. Am I an outlier or is this just a glitch that should clear up in a day or so?

Have you recently set up 2FA on your ecobee account? I’ve had a few other reports and just tested this myself and it does not work with 2FA active.