Beestat does not account for HVAC system changing from furnace/AC to heat pump

From: Heat Stage 1 suddenly became Aux Heat in Thermostat Summary - Bug Reports - beestat community

For a heat pump, ecobee reports heating data in two columns: compressor and aux. The compressor column represents compressor runtime, and the aux represents aux runtime. Simple.
For non-heat-pumps, ecobee reports heating data in one column: aux. This is a little bit confusing, but the aux column generally just represents heat generated at the furnace (heat strips, gas, whatever).

My gas furnace died, and I replaced it (and the A/C) with a heat pump with auxiliary resistance heat. Beestat’s Thermostat Summary thinks I have always had a heat pump. You can see the gap where we had no furnace for a week (in winter! in Chicago!). Before that should be Stage 1 and 2 heat (orange), but it’s Stage 1 (orange), Aux 1 (red), and Aux 2 (dark red). Obviously, this is quite the edge case, but I thought I’d mention it.


The charts all just look at the current configuration to determine how to interpret the columns. Not ideal I suppose, but there’s no mechanism for dealing with the historical data.

If you’d like, shoot me an email at with your thermostat serial and I’d be happy to look into doing a one-time “move” of your data to make it align a little better with what actually happened. I’m not sure I’ve done this before so no promises, but I can take a look.

Thank you very much for your offer. I don’t think it’s worth your time though. There’s a clear demarcation between the two data sets, and I know what the previous configuration was, so I can do that mapping in my head. Plus, in ten months, it won’t matter anyway. :slight_smile:

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