Equipment characteristics

Would there be a way to add info for equipment so we could see how much energy we are using without multiplying runtimes in a spreadsheet?

Possibly. Would you be able to share a bit more detail about what you’re trying to do? Any spreadsheets or graphs you’ve created will help me understand what you’re trying to achieve.

I suppose if you have a heat pump and know that it uses x kWh in Stage 1 and y kWh in Stage 2, you could input that to Beestat.

Beestat would be able to tell you how many kWh were used for each time it cycled on, and also sum up the kWh used for day/week/month/year in the history.

If you went deeper and allowed configuration of an electricity tariff rate, you could show how much that cost, too! Though this gets complex, fast… peak and offpeak time of use tariffs etc etc.

I think trying to get cost with tariffs out of something like this is a tall ask and a bit of a rabbit hole. If you wanted to get approximate power consumption for a day that might be more reasonable.

Right now I’m tracking degree days for a heating system and graphing the total number of BTUs required per day then dividing it by the difference in average inside and outside temperatures. Then I graph the BTUs per degree delta per day so I can see any trends as changes are made. This is good for sizing equipment and seeing improvements with air sealing/ insulation upgrades.

So far I’ve just made a form for furnaces/electric heat as they’re the easiest but it would require a better form if you wanted to start graphing stuff like AC and heat pumps where outside temperature affects condenser performance.

Here’s an example of what I am doing right now for sizing a furnace and monitoring changes as I air seal and insulate a house.